A blast of fire, shower of sparks, puff of smoke, flash of light, or aerial burst of twinkling, multicolored stars generates excitement from an audience which is unequaled by any other production element.

It takes a company with extensive production experience with pyrotechnic effects to insure that the audience, cast, and crew are surrounded by a safe and comfortable environment, and no one accomplishes that better than AES. Our pyrotechnic engineers not only bring years of production experience to each and every project, they also bring leading edge design, imagination, innovation, and creativity that are second to none. Using state-of-the-art technology, AES is able to precisely choreograph all pyrotechnic effects with other elements of the production, such as sound, lighting, and multi-media content, producing breathtaking visual displays, while at the same time insuring safe execution of the effects.

No show is complete without proper planning. AES manages all facets of the permit application process, including diagrams, insurance certificates, licensing, and coordination with venue staff and local fire authorities. Whether your production is local, nationwide, or around the world, the knowledgeable and experienced event support staff at AES addresses every element regarding the pyrotechnics used in the production well in advance to insure a safe and spectacular presentation without inconvenience to our clients.